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A financial playbook for navigating life milestones

Empowering young adults with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their financial and life goals

The Challenge

Confronted with the growing popularity of automated and boutique wealth management solutions, one of America's most prominent Private Banks was searching for a way to add value to the next generation of inheritors and investors.

Our Approach

Relationships are built on trust. Unfortunately, many millennials graduated college in the midst of the recession and remain skeptical of the financial markets and the wealth management industry. While 60% of millennials recognize the need for professional investment advice, 53% say they have no one they can trust. The Playbook: Your Guide to Life & Money features 200+ pages of engaging, educational lifestyle and personal finance content related to 10 major life milestones. The articles and infographics empower young investors and inheritors to make smart financial decisions as they navigate adulthood, while educating them on the value of sound professional advice. The guide is being used by the firm’s financial advisors to build relationships with millennial clients and prospects by sparking conversations about wealth and adding tangible value.  

What We Did

  • Research and Planning

    Conducted a series of discovery conversations with millennial clients and prospects to uncover the questions and challenges they face related to specific milestones. We also developed a comprehensive inventory of existing educational materials as well as internal expertise to determine what could be repurposed for the Playbook. 

  • Content Development

    Created 200+ pages of jargon-free original content around 10 life milestones. In addition, we developed a series of short videos, infographics, downloadables, checklist and expert Q&As. 

  • Design

    To make the Playbook series more accessible to our audience, we developed a new sub-brand for the firm and ensured that all assets were visually engaging. 

  • Marketing Assets

    To encourage the firm’s financial advisors to utilize the Playbook in as many ways as possible, we created a custom toolkit for them with resources such as email templates, social media assets, posters and millennial-friendly marketing collateral. 

Digital content

As a print-first book, we designed, developed and adapted the content to live digitally so more prospects and clients can access the tools, videos, checklists, social media messaging, interviews and articles.

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By focusing on adding value first and highlighting the many financial challenges ahead, the bank and its financial advisors have been able to use this content to build and strengthen relationships with millennial clients and prospects (as well as their parents). 

pages of interactive content
chapters on life milestones
variations of the Playbook for new target audience segments