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Stockplan participant education

Educating stock plan participants on how to make the most of their equity awards


This Fortune 100 Financial Services firm recognized that the next generation of investors was building the majority of their wealth through the workplace. In order to capitalize on this shift, they partnered with plan sponsors and acquired several stock plan management platforms with the intention of integrating these tools into their customer journey. They quickly realized that the primary need amongst this demographic was education. These young stockholders were feeling insecure about how to manage their equity today in order to set themselves and their families up for success in the future. The client also learned that they would need to adopt a different communications approach and strategy in order to resonate with this new audience.


We worked closely with the client to build a comprehensive strategy and accompanying library of educational, service and marketing materials geared towards pre-and post-IPO stock plan participants. The library included a variety of educational PowerPointsPTs, downloadable templates, a monthly newsletter, online articles and several email sequences around key milestones or equity events.

What We Did

  • Brand guidelines

    We co-created a new set of brand guidelines to inform the tone of voice and visual direction for these materials in order to ensure they were aligned with what this audience had come to expect from the brands they engage with.

  • Email communication

    We helped the client develop a consistent voice when communicating with this new audience and developed a series of email sequences for different use cases, including onboarding, vesting events, termination, and more. Purpose Generation also helped develop and design a monthly newsletter, as well as a separate collection of communication assets for an executive audience, who were navigating a unique set of challenges and questions.

  • Educational content

    We developed a library of educational content to support stock plan participants across a variety of topics and milestones – ranging from equity-related queries to personal financial challenges such as saving for education and retirement. This content was distributed through a variety of different channels and in a variety of formats, including PowerPoints, webinars, live events and infographics.

  • Event Production

    From virtual events to multi-day in-person activations, Purpose Generation has assisted this client in hosting a variety of experiential events to further educate stock plan participants and their employers. During the global pandemic, we supported our client in developing the first-ever “Financial Wellness Retreat”, a 3-day virtual learning summit designed to empower participants to take control of their financial futures, while familiarizing them with the clients’ suite of solutions. Post-pandemic, we continue to support this client with the creative strategy and production of in-person events, from global conferences to pop-ups at their plan sponsors’ headquarters.