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Financial Playbook for Young Investors Navigating Major Life Milestones

Financial Playbook for Young Investors Navigating Major Life Milestones


This Fortune 100 Financial Services firm recognized that they could no longer rely on their past successes when it came to retaining the next generation of clients. This generation is looking for a financial partner who is able to meet them where they’re at and guide them in a way that feels empowering and supportive. Their Financial Advisors were struggling to find ways to connect with their clients’ next of kin and build meaningful relationships. They were looking for a way to demonstrate the value of advice without it feeling like a sales pitch.


We created a 200+ page Playbook that offers engaging, educational lifestyle and personal finance content related to 10 major life milestones, starting with graduating college and ending with building a lasting legacy through philanthropy and effective estate planning. The Playbook features articles, infographics, checklists, interviews, and helpful tips from Morgan Stanley thought leaders and knowledgeable professionals. The purpose of the Playbook is to empower the next generation of leaders, parents, philanthropists, innovators, trustees, executors, board members, and investors with the knowledge and tools needed to help achieve their goals: whether it’s buying a home, starting a family, pursuing your passions, or giving back.

The Playbook helps readers avoid common money mistakes with “Winning Plays” and shares frameworks for tough decisions such as deciding if grad school is a worthwhile investment, whether to buy or rent a home, or how to think about donating time, treasure and talent to important causes. Financial Advisors can also use the Playbook to facilitate important family conversations about the purpose of wealth and the value of sound professional advice.

What We Did

  • Internal & external expert interviews

    We conducted a series of interviews with firm thought leaders and industry experts to inform the Playbook content. Interviewees included the firm’s Chief Investment Officer and Head of Philanthropy, as well as leading real estate agents and estate planning attorneys. The insights gathered in these interviews were translated into actionable insights and “Winning Plays” in the Playbook content.

  • Content creation

    We wrote and designed a 200+ page Playbook using jargon-free language and engaging visuals to make the content easy to digest and implement. We developed a customized “sub-brand'' by adapting the firm’s brand guidelines to reflect a younger aesthetic, setting the tone for all next gen content moving forward. The tone of voice used throughout the Playbook was specifically selected to represent the “wise friend” instead of the traditional patronizing voice that is often associated with financial services firms.

  • Playbook Video Series

    We developed a series of short, animated videos to bring key concepts from the Playbook to life in a more dynamic format. The series includes videos on topics such as the Budget Breakdown, the Magic of Compound Interest, the Art of Saying No, and Four Ways to Invest with Impact. These videos can be used to promote the Playbook and are frequently shared by Financial Advisors via email or on social media.

  • Additional Playbook Versions + Materials

    Due to the success of the original Playbook, the client asked Purpose Generation to develop a series of “spin-offs” for different audiences, including women, professional athletes, entertainers and most recently, student athletes.

    The Playbook has also been translated into a comprehensive curriculum that can be used by the firm when educating next gens in different contexts–from family gatherings to pro-bono initiatives with high school students.


By focusing on adding value first and highlighting the many financial challenges ahead, the bank and its financial advisors have been able to use this content to build and strengthen relationships with existing clients and prospects.

pages of interactive content
chapters on life milestones
variations of the Playbook for new target audience segments