Building an external advisory council of millennial thought-leaders

Helping an organization evolve to remain relevant for future generations


Approaching one of the most significant generational shifts in its membership’s history, AARP tasked Purpose Generation to help the organization strategically advance its relevance and appeal amongst future members.


In collaboration with CEO Jo Ann Jenkins, we created the AARP Innovators Council (AIC), an external advisory group of millennial thought leaders in aligned industries such as healthy living, caregiving, and healthcare.

The purpose of the AIC was to educate AARP’s leadership on the topics and challenges that are top-of-mind for the next generation and help the organization evolve to meet future members’ needs. Purpose Generation collaborated with the Office of the CEO and Corporate Strategy team to define the mandate, establish buy-in from AARP leadership, and handpick the inaugural council members. At bi-annual, in-person summits and via quarterly conference calls, the AIC advised AARP on its organizational infrastructure, technology, products and services.

During a pivotal period in the organization's history, the AIC helped AARP scale its impact, refine its strategy, and build innovative partnerships that have transformed the way this behemoth operates.

What We Did

  • Council Design

    Worked with leadership to develop the strategic framework and mandate for the council.

  • Recruitment and Onboarding

    Engaged in targeted outreach and recruiting from influential networks, vetted candidates, and performed interviews to build council. Once members were confirmed, we engaged in a several-month onboarding process to get the council up to speed on AARP’s vision and strategy.

  • Event Production and Hosting

    Host annual, in-person summits and quarterly conference calls to bring council members together and execute against the strategic objectives.

Technological infrastructure

Designed and developed a custom online hub for prospective members to learn more about the opportunity, submit an application to join the council, and access schedules for upcoming events.