• Serial Entrepreneur

    Always on the go, quick to pivot, fueled by the rush of making an idea a reality in zero to sixty.

    With a short list of big wins, a longer list of failures, and a never-ending list of passion projects and “it’s like the Uber of X” ideas, the hustle mentality is not for the faint of heart. But those who live by it, the ones who aren’t afraid to ask “what if?" and approach failure as simply one less iteration — they’re a force to be reckoned with.

    On their desk: The Lean Startup Book, Ideas notepad and a stress ball

  • Corporate Catalyst

    Career-driven, goal-oriented, shaping companies from within.

    Thinking beyond the cubicle, high-potential talent, intrapreneurs, and millennial managers are investing in the future of work. Bringing a new skill set and generational perspective to the table, this rising talent helps bridge the gap between corporations and startups by challenging the notion of “business as usual.” 

    Under their desk: Three pairs of shoes, two lunch boxes from last week, and an umbrella.

  • Dedicated Do-Gooder

    Socially-conscious and community-oriented, believe anything worth doing is worth doing with impact, even if it means crashing on couches.

    From leading non-profit efforts on the ground to running social enterprises from the board room, these change makers are committed to using their time and talent to help address the needs of others. And in doing so, make their mark on the world. 

    On their desk: Gandhi poster, sustainable water bottle, carabiner key chain. 

  • Experience Enthusiast

    Curious, filled with wanderlust, ever-searching for views, vibes, and vegan-inspired dishes.

    Whether they’re foodies, culture-seekers, travelers or burners, these explorers are about soaking up all life has to offer. Always on the lookout for unique word-of-mouth recommendations, they seek out moments of awe, indulgence and discovery in everything from tasting menus and spontaneous travel to pop up events and immersive art shows. 

    On their desk: Who needs a desk? 

  • Passionate Creative

    Visual, expressive, drawn to the art of craftsmanship and storytelling.

    Whether it’s a camera, pen, brush, hammer, blog, or pair of bare hands, makers use a variety of tools to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. From Etsy sellers and Pinterest DIYers to CustomMade wood workers and Instagram storytellers, these creators are all about the desire to inspire. 

    On their desk: a journal, decorative mug, and some abstract vintage object (i.e. the essentials for any instagram desk post)

  • Techie Titan

    Plugged-in, quick on their feet, fully charged with the need for screen.

    From coders and web developers to brogrammers and social media gurus, techies are the linchpins for surviving in the digital world. With typing speeds that would make Mavis Beacon blush, these screen experts are all about making an impression online. 

    On their desk: Noise-cancelling headphones for diving into “the zone."

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