November 2014 - Fit, Fun & Fully Booked

The holiday season has officially started and in the spirit of Turkey Day, we wanted to kick off our newsletter by thanking you all for your continued support over the past two years.

With two months of pie-filled celebrations ahead of us, we decided to dedicate our November newsletter to community-based fitness trends. Matthew Brimer, our Millennial maker this month, is one of the brains behind Daybreaker, an alternative breakfast club movement that has people waking up at the crack of dawn to jumpstart their day with a massive dance party. We asked him what inspired this stroke of genius and the importance of creating a communal experience.
Finally, we are extremely proud to announce the launch of Sonima.com, a new online platform dedicated to promoting a mindful approach to health and wellness. It has been an honor to work with the founding team over the past few months and see the vision come to life. We encourage you all to check out the brand new website over the coming days.
Happy Thanksgiving,

The PG Team

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