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The art of storytelling is one of the oldest human past times – yet still one of the most valuable ways to connect with each other today. A good story is retold over and over again, building affinity and loyalty for its protagonists. In many ways, a share-worthy story is the ultimate social currency -- whether you're a brand seeking to grow a loyal consumer base, or an individual attempting to build credibility online.

This month, we're exploring the importance of where and how great stories are told, and the influence storytelling can have on a community. We cover new ways brands are connecting with younger consumers by showing up where they already are, and some tips for successfully sponsoring a Millennial event. Our Millennial Maker, Lisa Curtis, shares her personal story of becoming the country's biggest importer of moringa - the “miracle plant” giving kale a run for its money. Lastly, we dig into the concept of personal branding and how to craft a story that keeps people coming back for more.

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