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Up the Ante at This Year's Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for family, reflection, and gratitude.

It’s also a time for Friendsgiving - the best excuse to gather your favorite people whom you choose to consider family for a heartfelt toast to bromance and #squadgoals. Whether it’s a seated formal affair or a casual potluck, the Friendsgiving tradition welcomes friends to sit on any piece of furniture they can find, compliment each other’s culinary prowess (or store bought goods), embrace stretchy waistbands, and drink frivolously throughout the night.

This year, the millennial Friendsgiving trend is stronger than ever with the term searched 13x more than last year, and over 500,000 festive Friendsgiving ideas pinned on Pinterest. Whether you’re hosting a dinner yourself or just partaking in the ritual this year, we have put together some tips and tricks to help you take Friendsgiving to the next level.

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The magic is in the details. 

While good company is the most essential ingredient to a successful evening, here are some of the buzzworthy party trends worth noting:

  • Step up your invitation game: whether it’s paper invitations or digital evites, make it official.
  • Say cheese: Capture memories with a DIY photobooth (ideas of which have been pinned 100,000 times) and instant polaroid camera.
  • Primp your bar cart: With Thanksgiving bar cart pins up 20x, pressure is on to channel your inner-mixologist and put your best booze on show. This is one of our favorite seasonal libations.
  • Feast with purpose: Sign up to host a Friendsgiving celebration for No Kid Hungry and give yourselves an even better reason to celebrate. No Kid Hungry will give you all the tools you need to make your event a success and raise funds for families in need. 
  • Gamify the experience: Capture a lasting momento of your gathering by getting everyone to participate in a #MannequinChallenge.

Conversation starters.

Just in case you are looking for a subtle way to steer the discussion away from the recent election, here are a few of our favorite table questions to inspire a meaningful conversation with your nearest and dearest:

  • What is a gift you’ve received that money could never buy?
  • Name three things you are grateful for: something that impacted you in the past, an incident that occurred recently, and a possibility in the future.
  • What is your favorite family Thanksgiving tradition and why?
  • What are you most proud of accomplishing this year?
  • What is something you would like your friends to support you in during the year ahead?

Looking to tie in your table topics with your food? Check out these Thankful Rolls to butter up your blessings.

Izze Friendsgiving

Get inspired by your favorite brands.

Although Friendsgiving is a community-driven effort, brands are jumping on the bandwagon to help people celebrate this alternative holiday:

  • Ikea has teamed up with Uber to suprise 200 passengers in New York City with celebratory Friendsgiving kits full of IKEA products for entertaining, festive ingredients and recipes to host their own dinner for six.
  • Target invited three millennial bloggers to share their unique takes on Friendsgiving on the blog. Spoiler alert: A Taste of Koko hosts a pajama-clad Friendsgiving brunch with a make-your-own waffle bar… yum.
  • Last year, carbonated drink maker Izze caught millennials’ attention with a series of Friendsgiving pop-up dinners. This inspired the year-long #FriendsDayNight campaign, because friends are worth celebrating more than one night a year right?!

Happy Friendsgiving from our table to yours!