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Thepayoff Hed 2017

Mic and Discover team up on personal finance

Just a few months after the launch of Clarify, a podcast aimed at educating millennials around the issues of the day, Mic has announced a new digital channel to school its audience on personal finance. In partnership with credit card company Discover, The Payoff will share tips for saving, eliminating student debt, buying a home, and other key financial milestones through audio, video, and written newsletter content. Mic’s financial literacy efforts come on the heels of former Buzzfeed President’s similar network, Cheddar, promoting healthy competition among online publishers to capture the attention of millions of money-conscious, emerging consumers of financial products. 

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New year, new Panera Bread

Recognizing the growing need for absolute transparency when it comes to what’s in the products we consume, Panera declares that “100% of [its] products are 100% clean” in a new nationwide campaign. Panera, which has undergone two and a half years of meticulous review of its ingredients, can now promise zero artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and flavors of any kind across its entire menu. Consumer preference for fresher, cleaner foods continues to drive a shift amongst Big Food manufacturers, with Panera being the first to publicly share the list of ingredients it has eliminated.

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Chrysler reintroduces the minivan to millennial moms

The original pioneer of the soccer mom mobile has unveiled a fresh take on the minivan, known as the Portal. Chrysler’s new fleet is designed with next generation technology preferences in mind, providing eight docking stations for portable devices, a flat-panel in-dash display on which passengers can share music, images, and videos, and a “smart” system that learns each passenger’s user preference through facial and voice recognition. With more than one million millennials becoming moms each year, Chrysler is hoping tailored features like easy-to-move seating and the integration of a baby monitor device will drive success for this modern day minivan.  

Westin Wellness Hed 2017

Westin stakes its claim on wellness 

Westin Hotels & Resorts has overhauled its messaging to highlight a steadfast commitment to guests’ well-being before, during, and after their stay. The company’s new mantra, “Let’s Rise,” challenges hotel guests to prioritize fitness, mindfulness and adventure during their stay in today’s “over-scheduled and always on” world, where it can be difficult to stay on track with self-care during travel. Westin supports this call-to-action with a new series of programs and product offerings, like a fitness gear lending partnership with New Balance, and a menu chock full of superfoods. 

Tropicana Aplus Video Screen Grab 3X Jlg Ae

Tropicana inspires a more positive morning

With orange juice consumption on the decline and increased competition from breakfast drinks like smoothies and cold brew, Tropicana is banking on storytelling and native video to encourage millennials to reclaim the drink as part of their morning routines. Using platform A Plus, the digital media company founded by Ashton Kutcher, Tropicana will air “Morning Spark” stories around wellness and positivity each day to bring a dose of optimism to America’s mornings. Tropicana will also leverage A Plus’ network of celebrity influencers to share the videos with a wider audience and inspire a community and culture of positivity around the Tropicana brand.