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The latest buzz on the brands wooing millennials with ideas, initiatives, and product launches that challenge the status quo.


Uniworld revamps the river cruise

The team behind Contiki tours, a longstanding favorite amongst savvy millennial travelers, will soon deliver a twist on the all-inclusive cruise vacation. Skeptics, take note: this isn’t your grandma’s cruise. In 2018, parent company The Travel Corporation is rolling out U by Uniworld, a new fleet of river cruises aimed at millennials with a more contemporary look and feel, fewer inclusions, and longer stays at each destination. Cruise itineraries will provide younger travelers with the types of Instagram-worthy travel experiences they expect in exchange for their hard-earned dollars, like a revamped culinary and cocktail program, an on-board DJ, communal dining tables, and more opportunities to participate in local experiences.

Mc D

Fast food chains cash in on trendy condiment

Hoping to lure a younger, spice-loving set of customers, Wendy’s and McDonald’s are two of the latest fast food brands to add Sriracha-flavored items to their menu. McDonald’s has taken a more conservative approach, testing the Sriracha sauce-infused Big Mac at locations in Columbus, Ohio to determine if the newest menu item has nationwide appeal before rolling out to additional markets. Wendy’s, on the other hand, has launched a slightly spicier takeover, introducing Sriracha flavored fries and a Sriracha chicken sandwich at stores across the nation. The launch is bolstered by a TV and digital campaign to honor extreme fans of the popular red hot sauce, an obsession which the brand has playfully deemed a “mainstream, but hardcore mainstream” trend.

Bacardi Instagram Hed 2016

Bacardi taps music fans with Instagram stories

Staying true to its brand DNA with a commitment music at its core, Barcardi has launched a new Instagram experience that enables the user to be his or her own DJ without the prohibitive expense of owning professional equipment. With the help of musician-turned-chief-creative and culture guru Swizz Beatz, the brand uses Instagram stories to unlock a digital simulator that offers a bird’s-eye-view of two turn tables. The tables are controlled by tapping the Bacardi logo with one or two thumbs. A smart pairing of data insights and masterful user experience, the activation was born out of the discovery that Instagrammers spend 30% percent more time listening to music and twice as much money on music tickets and merchandise compared to the rest of the population.

Heath Alyssa Padgett

Winnebago chases millennials to drive brand success

Millennials, fire up the road trip playlist. While Winnebago Industries’ target consumer base has historically consisted of the 55+ crowd, the burgeoning audience of young, affluent full-time freelancers and adventure travel junkies who choose to spend their lives on the road is simply too valuable for the brand to ignore. A series of changes at the company, like a new headquarters in Twin Cities to attract top talent, the acquisition of lifestyle-centric design company Grand Design, and a new fleet of vehicles that are smaller, sleeker, and less expensive hope to usher in the next generation of brand loyalists to sustain Winnebago sales for years to come.

Uwbg Admission Snapchat

Snapchat is pleased to inform you of your college acceptance

In an attempt to provide eager prospective students with a quick and convenient acceptance response, the University of Wisconsin Green Bay has become the first university to send admissions notifications via Snapchat. Once the snap is received, students can then either take a screenshot or send a selfie back to the admissions team to confirm receipt of the message. If more schools follow suit, the traditional admissions process could be a thing of the past, and  future generations of college hopefuls may never have to experience the painstaking waiting game for college acceptance letters.


P&G cleans up fabric softener act

When it comes to laundry, millennials are adopting a minimalist approach and sticking with the essentials (read: laundry detergent). Procter & Gamble (P&G) has seen a steady decline in sales of its line of fabric softeners for nearly a decade, largely because millennials don’t exactly know what it’s used for. P&G is hoping that a shift in its marketing strategy and renaming the product  “fabric conditioner” will help millennials, who are “just beginning to form their laundry habits,” embrace the household relic as a necessary staple in their regimen.