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The latest buzz on the brands wooing millennials with ideas, initiatives, and product launches that challenge the status quo.

Lululemon Launches First Global Campaign

Market leader Lululemon has launched its first major brand campaign in order to shift perception that the brand exclusively caters to yogis. Instead, "This Is Yoga" highlights how the meditation, mindful breathing, and self-discipline learned from yoga translates across many other athletic pursuits. The retailer, which has traditionally relied on loyal fans as advocates and grassroots marketing, hopes to make the brand more accessible and inclusive to remain competitive amidst the burgeoning athleisure category.    

Zillow Targets First-Time, Millennial Homebuyers

Contrary to the widespread misperception that most millennials have no interest in buying a home, this cohort actually makes up 42 percent of prospective home buyers and 56 percent of first-time buyers. That’s why online real estate guru Zillow has launched a new website geared entirely towards these coveted first-timers, featuring real estate maps, photos, and an educational guide written specifically for younger prospective home owners. Additionally, the website includes a special proprietary tool that enables users to calculate an all-in monthly cost for home ownership and adjust it based on their amount of savings to put towards a potential down payment.

Canon Reminds Millennials Why They Love Photography

For the click-happy generation who grew up with the camera phone and will likely take over 25,000 selfies in their lives, Canon’s latest endeavor to highlight the profound significance of photography is no easy feat. The brand’s latest “Live for the story” campaign is a beautifully shot manifesto that seeks to encourage a younger audience to put down the cell phone and reconsider Canon as a key component of the quest to capture share-worthy experiences.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Squeezes its Millennial Male Problem

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is targeting millennial men in its latest “Drink on the Bright Side” campaign. The brand hopes a mix of social, digital, TV and print advertising that promotes happiness as a precursor to picking up a Mike’s Hard will help spread product awareness among men ages 25 to 29, who are generally unaware of the beverage option.  

Fear Factor Reboots for a Millennial Audience

Rapper Ludacris has signed on to revive Fear Factor, MTV’s once-popular competition series. But this time around, the challenges are built to attract millennial viewers. Using new forms of technology, the show will nod to the latest in popular movies, viral videos, and other elements of today’s cultural zeitgeist. For example, this season’s contestants may not be forced to drink disgusting concoctions, but will instead be pushed to their physical limits in order to prevent their cell phones from falling off a high ledge and meeting their demise. We can’t think of anything scarier.