Brand Buzz 11

The Brand Buzz

The latest buzz on the brands wooing millennials with ideas, initiatives, and product launches that challenge the status quo.

Coca Cola Plus

Coca-Cola launches first-ever product with supposed health benefits

Set to launch in Japan next month, Coca-Cola Plus is the first and only Coke drink that is said to have a measurably positive impact on your health. The new beverage is enhanced with five grams of fiber, which is supposed to reduce fat absorption from food and help control triglyceride levels after eating. The new drink is part of Coke’s efforts to regain relevance with a new generation of more health-conscious consumers, who are buying fewer soda drinks than previous generations

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Verizon gets a millennial makeover

Recognizing that “business as usual” is not enough to give the 100-year-old brand an edge in an increasingly commoditized industry, Verizon’s first ever outside CMO, Diego Scotti, has set out to forge a stronger connection with Verizon's next generation of customers. He’s doing so in a variety of ways, like ditching all existing data plans in favor of a more simple approach, overhauling the My Verizon app, and prioritizing user experience. Considering that 79% of people ages 18-44 report having their smartphones with them 22 hours a day, Verizon’s rebranding strategy to emphasize simplicity and reliability for next generation of smartphone addicts is long overdue.

Eharmony Is Gearing Up For A Battle To Win Back Millennials From Tinder And Bumble

eHarmony shifts focus to customer satisfaction to win back millennials

While online dating pioneer, eHarmony, has struggled to compete with the instantly gratifying mobile interfaces of apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge in recent years, new eHarmony CEO Grant Langston is hoping the stress of finding true love in today’s complex dating world may soon favor the category trailblazer. Despite eHarmony’s price tag, Langston believes the pressure to find a soulmate for millennials in their late twenties and early thirties, coupled with improvements to the app’s user interface and matchmaking algorithm, will lure weary daters with “swipe fatigue” away from hookup apps in the years to come.

Lego Mosaic Maker Hed 2017

You can now use Legos to build the world’s ‘most laborious selfie’

Brilliantly revamping a favorite millennial childhood pastime to play in today’s selfie-obsessed world, Lego has launched the Mosaic Maker. Described as “a cross between an instant photo booth and a Lego vending machine,” the device can be found at Lego’s flagship store at Leicester Square in London and enables users to build a 3D selfie of themselves using Legos for just $125. Visitors simply snap a headshot and receive a 2,000-piece box of legos they get to assemble into the selfie of their dreams.

Stubhub Experiential Content 2017 840X460

StubHub sets sights on all-inclusive lifestyle brand

As millennials continue to spend more on experiences than material goods, StubHub is taking strides to transform itself into a one-stop-shop for live experiences. Owned by eBay, the online ticket exchange recently announced it will introduce an end-to-end range of services that will enable concert goers to rent a car, book a hotel, and make a pre-concert dinner reservation on the site. In addition to providing an all-inclusive online platform, the company also launched StubHub Live earlier this year to enhance fan experiences through unique live activations at music festivals and sporting events around the country.

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7-Eleven preps for a fresher future

The 7-Eleven millennials grew up with, often frequented for a slurpee run or taquito pitstop, may soon be unrecognizable. In a move to evolve along with shifting consumer demand for fresh, healthier products, in-store innovations, and better customer service, the chain is overhauling outlets across the nation to shift consumer perception and better compete with the likes of Whole Foods and Wegmans. In the near future, customers can expect to find updated store layouts that accentuate fresh food offerings, heavier integration of 7-Eleven’s own fresh, premium brands like 7-Select GO!Yum and 7-Select GO!Smart, and collaborations with delivery platforms like Postmates for added convenience.