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Man-scaping: Five Men’s Grooming Brands We’re Digging

We didn’t want our better halves to feel left out of the beauty banter, so we rounded up some of our favorite men’s grooming and personal care brands. Find out why these companies, designed by millennials for millennials, are winning over the hearts & beards of men everywhere.



Co-founded by Jeffrey Raider of Warby Parker, Harry’s cuts out the middleman to deliver high quality razors, straight from their own German factory, complete with a sleek design and a slim price tag.

What We Love: Storytelling is at the core of Harry’s branding. Take a look at their transparent process, and see why we can’t help but swoon over this brand.

Check out: The Cornershop in NYC, the neighborhood barbershop for every gentleman’s grooming needs



Inspired by his first experience at a beard competition, a former Financial Advisor set out to change the negative stigma around facial hair.  With a suite of high quality, natural beard care essentials and a community-driven approach, Beardbrand is on a mission to provide best-in-class products, advice, and confidence to the urban beardsman.

What We Love: Building community, debunking stereotypes, beard on!

Check out: Their instagram for the best scruff around town.

Dollar Shave Club Subscription Box

Dollar Shave Club

This razor delivery service is solving for every man’s worst nightmare: having to set foot in a physical store. Simply go online to choose your preferred razor and the frequency you wish them to magically appear on your doorstep, and boom. You’re in the club.

What We Love: Humor is at the center of DSC’s millennial-focused messaging, from their original viral video to the “One Wipe Charlies”: peppermint flushable buttwipes for men. The product you never knew you needed. Lolz.

Check out: Their new hairstyling collection, Boogie’s.

Ernest Supplies

Ernest Supplies

Designed to mitigate the risk of spills and outside pollutants, Ernest’s smart pouch packaging is ideal for travelers and life on-the-go.

What We Love: Their packaging involves a smaller carbon footprint than traditional alternatives.

Check out: Their online store for your everyday, all-natural lineup.

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Birchbox Man

Let’s face it - the most likely way for a man to “discover” a new grooming product is because a female friend or family member purchased it for him. No more. For just $20 a month, Birchbox delivers a handpicked selection of high-end samples to men who are looking to shake up their grooming routine.

What We Love: The Guide offers hundreds of great hacks for the modern man, including how to wrap the perfect present, how to make your cologne last longer, and how to rock wavy locks.

Check out: The Birchbox Man Shop in NYC, a haven for grooming aficionados.