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Announcing the Launch of our Sister Brand, Purpose Playbook

We are excited to announce the launch of Purpose Generation's sister brand, Purpose Playbook. Purpose Playbook is a collection of tactics, tools, and inspiration designed to help people take their life, career, and relationships to the next level.

Over the past five years, we've had thousands of conversations with our peers as part of our insights practice. Whether we were discussing food, careers, or travel, the topic of “purpose” came up so frequently it was hard to ignore. Perhaps it's the name of our company, Purpose Generation, or perhaps it's a reflection of the formative life stage most millennials are in, but it is clear that our generation is actively looking for ways to get more out of life.

However, when we started searching for resources that could help our friends, there appeared to be only two promoted paths to purpose: 1) Sell all your belongings and backpack around the world or 2) Delve deep into the world of “woowoo” self exploration. Both solutions may not be available (or appealing) to everyone, so what are the rest of us to do? Settle?

In our work with clients, we often use a practice called design thinking, which is a structured, process-driven approach to problem solving. By using a set of clear, consistent “rules” or steps, it challenges you to see the the problem from a new perspective, allowing for more creativity when considering solutions.

We wondered whether we could apply a similar type of framework to the pursuit of purpose. We created a workshop called "Find Your Purpose" and spent the better part of two years testing and tweaking the curriculum with various audiences. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from our test subjects, we finally decided to turn it into an online course and built the brand Purpose Playbook around it.

Purpose Playbook is far more than just a course, however. Our goal is to create a digital destination where anyone can find helpful resources and a community to support them on their own purpose journey. There’s plenty of inspiration out there, but very few tactical roadmaps on how to get from A-to-Purpose. Whether you are building a business, working in a corporate environment, sitting in a coffee shop, or simply looking for something to inspire greater meaning in your everyday, our content is designed for you. 

For example, check out this Purpose Book Club Host Guide for those who want to bring together a group of like-minded individuals to discuss books that matter, or explore some of our favorite questions for those who want to "Cut The Crap" and have more meaningful dialogue with friends and family.

We see Purpose Playbook as an extension of our work at Purpose Generation. In addition to helping businesses create more purpose-driven products and services in response to a shifting consumer mindset, we’re proud to be empowering those consumers to live in alignment with their purpose too.