5 Innovative Retail Brands You Want to Know

Every day new brands emerge and join the ranks of countless others, all competing for the consumer’s attention. How do brands stand out? There is no easy answer, but as the Millennial generation is on the rise, businesses and brands are constantly trying to reinvent themselves and stand out from the crowd. We’ve done our research and here are 5 brands that are definitely succeeding and standing out from the rest, take note.

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Mike and Alex Faherty, the brothers behind the Faherty Brand

Faherty Brand

Their staple is swimwear but that is just the start. Created by the Millennial Faherty twin brothers, Mike who spent seven years in design at Ralph Lauren, and Alex who was in business strategy in Private Equity, Faherty Brand is the perfect combination of brainpower for a successful fashion company. Their swimwear is made from recycled plastic bottles in Taiwan and Vietnam, a process that requires 2/3 less energy and 90% less water than does the production of virgin polyester. In addition, it reduces global hydrocarbon consumption and emissions while utilizing discards that would otherwise end up in oceans, beaches, landfills, and other water sources. After caravanning cross-country in their custom store-on-wheels for the past several weeks, the Faherty Brand word is out and on the move, quite literally. Their “Never Ending Summer” Campaign appeals to Millennials nationwide, especially if it means we can support the environment and look good at the same time. And last but not least, Faherty Brand makes personal deliveries to their clients in the NYC area – what more could you ask for then to have your beautiful new bathing suit delivered to you via a Citibike? Get yours today: fahertybrand.com

Millennial Factors: Sustainability, Adventure, Authenticity, Convenience



Everything you need in a box, delivered to your doorstep each month. A unique and personalized way to discover the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples on the market, Birchbox is redefining the retail process. Choose either the women or men subscription, and each month Birchbox will send you a variety of samples of everything from skincare to makeup (grooming products for the men), as well as fun non-beauty extras. Products are from both well-known brands and emerging gems. Never again will you be bored with your beauty or grooming routine. It couldn’t be easier or more fun, Birchbox will show you how to master techniques and upgrade your daily routine.  Stay inspired with Birchbox: birchbox.com

Millennial Factors: Convenience, Authenticity, VIP, Discovery

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Warby Parker

“Eyewear with a Purpose” This revolutionary eyewear company was created by four rebellious individuals who were fed up with the overpriced, bland eyewear that floods today’s market. Warby Parker provides a unique vintage look with a contemporary twist and each pair has the option for prescription lenses. They’ll send you up to 5 pairs to try on at home for 5 days free, and you pay for only what you decide to keep. And that’s not the best part. For each pair of glasses bought, one pair is given to someone in need. Warby Parker is determined to address the worldwide need for glasses – almost 1 billion people lack access to glasses and thus cannot effectively learn or work. Warby Parker is currently touring the nation, a campaign called Class Trip, in a reinvented school bus to bring their showroom experience to life. Oh, and they are also one of the only carbon neutral fashion brands in the world. A brand built to do good in the world; get/give your pair today: warbyparker.com

Millennial Score: Human, Design, Social Impact, Convenience

Blue Apron2

Blue Apron

Love to cook but never can find the time? Is ordering out just easier than coming up with a recipe, buying all the ingredients, and THEN having to cook? Problem solved. Blue Apron sends you ingredients to make 3 delicious meals each week with recipes crafted by their professional chef. Simply choose a plan, and the rest they will take care of. They provide all the ingredients; you get to create the end product. And best of all, because they source their food directly from the best local farms and wholesale suppliers, you’ll get fresh food at cheaper prices because the grocery store middleman no longer exists. You can finally be the chef you always dreamed of being. You just found your roommate’s next birthday present: blueapron.com

Millennial Score: Convenience, Local, Healthy, DIY


M.M. LaFleur

It’s not always the dress you love on the hanger that ends up fitting you best.  M.M. LaFleur solves this problem: they’ll send you four dresses and give you 7 days to try them all on and to decide which, if any, you want to keep. Their dresses have a classic, sophisticated style that all our machine-washable for the woman on the go. Send back anything you don’t love and only pay for what you keep. Shipping both ways is on them. And don’t forget to check out their blog that has everything from style advice to new recipes. A convenient, and personalized way to shop, M.M. LaFleur provides an easy customer experience and ensures you only buy what you love.

Millennial Factors: Purposeful, Accessible, Personalized, Classic