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2013 Purpose Generation Favorites List

As 2013 come to an end, we wanted to share a list of our Purpose Generation favorites – the things we are obsessed with. Our 1st annual favorites list includes eats, apps, activities, products, and places. Make sure in 2014, you treat yo self (thank you Aziz Ansari) to some of the gems below.

1. David Rio Tiger Chai Latte 

First discovered at the Guy and Gallard nearby our office, we have quickly become obsessed with David Rio’s chai latte mixture. Once you start, you really just can’t stop and it has become our go-to 4PM pick-me-up. The David Rio Tiger Chai tea mix has the traditional masala chai flavors of cinnamon, clove, cardamom and ginger with black tea.

2. Soulcycle

Our fitness obsession. Like many, we are addicted and it is one of the few things that we will happily jump out of bed for at 5AM. After meeting the co-founders at the Inc Women’s Summit and hearing about their entrepreneurial ride (pun intended), we are more convinced than ever that Soul Cycle is as Millennial as it gets – giving riders an experience filled with #purpose, #passion, and #performance.

3. 2 Degrees Bars

We’ve been fans of these bars since day one, after meeting the founder 5 years ago in a social entrepreneurship class. Now, you will find these delicious bars anywhere from Jet Blue flights to your local Whole Foods. For every bar you buy, you feed a child in need. We love brands that empower consumers to make a difference! Definitely try our favorite: Chocolate Banana.

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4. Moscow Mules

Our drink of choice. You could really mix anything with ginger beer and it would be a winner with the Purpose Generation team. The fuel to our late night brainstorms, we are not the only ones who seek out the signature copper mug (see this recent WSJ article for more history).

Caramom Moscow Mule Ginger Ale Lime Vodka 2 3

5. The Skimm

With all the information coming at us Millennials and our inability to see through the noise at times, we need our news delivered in bite-size pieces. Fortunately, two millennial female founders are doing all the skimming for us. Every morning The Skimm newsletter delivers “need-to-know” news highlights straight to our inbox – and it’s always a fun read.

6. QuizUp App

A stealth app that took the world by storm this year attracting 3 million users in less than 3 weeks. After all, who doesn’t love trivia? It’s the bingo for our generation. Challenge friends and strangers in categories like “The Hunger Games”, “Holiday Songs”, and our personal favorite, “Logos”. QuizUp is a Millennial’s best friend during any travel delay.

7. Bolthouse Farm Smoothies

After being introduced to the Green Goddess, we started relying on these veggie-packed smoothies as our morning fuel and daily dose of green goodness. Make sure to check out their seasonal specials this holiday season – our personal favorite is the Pumpkin Chai Latte.


8. Taim Falafel & Smoothies Bar

Hands down the best falafel we’ve ever had. We have tasted our fair share of falafel, from New York to Sydney, but we have yet to find a place that gives Taim a run for it’s money. Sadly, we are outside of the delivery zone, but the Taim Mobile food truck saves the day by bringing these Mediterranean flavors closer to our doorstep.


9. Brit + Co. DIY Blog

We had the pleasure of meeting Brit recently in San Francisco and are huge fans of her DIY blog and mobile app, which embodies the “maker generation”. While we were there, we were lucky enough to experience the launch of her “MakeShop” – a holiday pop-up shop featuring DIY classes, work stations, and hand made goods. We are counting the days until Brit + Co expands to NYC!

App Britco

10. Reed’s Kombucha

Who knew “tea fungus” could taste this good? Kombucha is one of the hottest trends and we regularly turn to this fizzy drink as an all-natural energy booster. However, while many Kombucha brands can be a little sensitive, resulting in unexpected explosions, Reed’s Cranberry Ginger Kombucha has never let us down!

11. Scout Books

If you are a list-maker or note-taker like us, you have to check out Scout Books. Scout allows you to customize these field notes inspired notebooks from the inside and out. It replaces the need for creative doodling to liven-up your boring note books during conferences and events.

Scout Books

12. Citi Bike

For anyone who has braved the subway system in July or a taxi ride uptown during lunch hours, Citibike is revolutionary. For only $100 a year, you have access to wheels all around the city.  While it can be challenging in a pencil skirt, Citibike is definitely the most convenient and cost-effective way to get around! If you are already a citi bike fan, check out this data visualization website of the first 100 days of citi bike.

13. Charity Miles

It has never been easier to make a difference. The Charity Miles app connects you with corporate sponsors who will donate to your charity of choice for every mile you walk, run, or bike. It’s a true win-win, as it empowers previously “un-sponsor worthy” amateur athletes to raise funds doing what they love, while providing corporates with one of the most effective sources of advertising today: cause marketing!


14. Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Fig Granola

We discovered this gem in Whole Foods recently and have quickly become addicted. Some people may feel that the whole fall-pumpkin-craze is overdone, but we don’t agree. Like ginger, pumpkin flavored anything is a hit in our books and this gluten-free granola will blow your mind.

All Four Granola Bags

15. Modern Farmer Magazine

A new magazine and media company that is rebranding the farming industry for the next generation and addressing hot-topic issues from conscious consumerism to food security. Founded by Ann Marie Gardner, formerly at Monocle and T Magazine, Modern Farmer has succeeded in combining practical education, storytelling, pop culture and the infographic aesthetic that appeals to our generation.

16. Pocket

Have you ever found yourself on a subway or a long flight with time to spare (for once), but no access to wi-fi and any of the articles you’ve been meaning to read? If so, we are thrilled to introduce you to pocket. This genius app allows you to “pocket” articles, videos, and images, so you can access them offline at any time. We never travel without updating our pocket app!!


17. Global Citizen Festival

Global Citizen Festival is a 21st century movement with an ambitious goal: to end extreme poverty. We were part of the 60,000 person crowd who gathered in Central Park this year with artists, influencers, and policy makers from around the world, including Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Jeffrey Sachs, and Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Everyone had to earn their ticket and show their commitment to the movement by taking action around the four campaign issues: Universal Education, Global Health, Women’s Equality, and Global Partnerships.


18. Skillshare

Skillshare is not your typical online learning environment. They have created a global community of students who come to their platform to learn real-world, practical skills in the spirit of “learning by doing”. They are transforming the way we think about education and we love their mantra: “Education is what someone tells you to do. Learning is what you do for yourself.” Check out some of their awesome courses, including visual storytelling, calligraphy, SEO, and even meatball making with the founders of the Meatball shop. There’s certainly something for everyone!


19. The Color Run

We know it’s good for us, but does running really have to be so boring? Nope. By the end of this 5k, the white t-shirt you started with looks like a fluorescent rainbow flag and your hair resembles that of a 90’s punk rocker. But the real party happens afterwards, when the parking lot is transformed into a rave and you’re inundated with a Millennial favorite: free swag!!


20. Makr App

A new iPad app that simplifies design and branding, Makr is the perfect tool for the DIY generation. If you are looking for an easy way to make anything from labels and cards to invitations and stickers, then look no further. This app gives even the most uncreative Millennials an edge!