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We started Purpose Generation to help companies navigate how our generation consumes, works, invests, and communicates. We leverage the power of community to source meaningful insights from our Tribe and apply design thinking methodologies to develop human-inspired solutions for our clients.

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We are a team of innovative thinkers who are passionate about creating environments in which our peers will thrive and launching products that they will love. We think like entrepreneurs and will stop at nothing to deliver exceptional results.

Meet Alex. Her skill set has more range than Whitney Houston.

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Alexandra Cole, Co-Founder, Strategy & Operations

Alexandra Cole, Co-Founder, Strategy & Operations

Alexandra knows how and why things work. That’s why she’s our head of Strategy & Operations. She sets the strategic direction for our clients, matches them with millennial trends and behaviors, and oversees projects to make sure they’re executed flawlessly. Imagine if the algorithm that matched you on OKCupid chaperoned your date to make sure it went smoothly and then followed up to make a game plan for the second date. That’s Alex.

Groundwork: She helped prepare big companies to make big decisions at Bain & Company, became an expert on fundraising models at Acumen Fund, analyzed charts at ING and publicized art at Sotheby’s -- so she’s got a lot of bases covered. Add a degree in international relations from Princeton and Alex is basically our little Swiss army knife, except she’s Dutch, but we love her all the same.

While the rest of us... sing in the shower, Alexandra starred as Snow White in a nationally-televised song contest in the Netherlands. We’ll just wait over here with all the other Dopeys.

Outside the office: Alex writes for the Huffington Post about making the career jump from corporate climber to startup grinder. She has a never-ending bucket list of must-visit destinations, restaurants, and exercise classes, and (not so) secretly dreams of one day opening up her own wine and cheese shop.

Meet Nellie. She’s got more moves than Jagger.

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Nellie Lang, Co-Founder, Creative & Business Development

Nellie Lang, Co-Founder, Creative & Business Development

Nellie doesn’t just think outside the box, she reconstructs the concept of the box to make it a million times better. She is our creative catalyst who has never met a project she didn't like. Known to throw innovative curveballs at millennial challenges, Nellie cultivates relationships with new and existing clients to help bring bold ideas to life.

Groundwork: She helped launch the world’s first regulated social stock market in South Africa and advised wealth management firms on integrating impact into their practice. Don’t let the blonde hair fool you, Nellie grew up in Dubai, speaks Arabic, graduated from Princeton with a degree in Near Eastern studies, and is co-chair of the board of Circle of Women. And no, Purpose Generation is not her cover story... although how cool would that be?!

While the rest of mediocre rom-coms on long flights, Nellie was chosen as one of 100 innovators to participate in British Airways’ “UNGROUNDED: Innovation Lab in the Sky,” a high-altitude incubator flying from San Francisco to London focused on developing strategies for leveraging tech talent to address global issues.

Outside the office: When her mind isn’t running full speed, Nellie can be found revving the gas on her Vespa a.k.a Mr. DJ, complete with a built-in subwoofer to keep the beats building.

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  • Campbell Soup Company
  • Wells Fargo
  • AARP
  • Sonima
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Disney
  • Morgan Stanley

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